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Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the benefits of using a pet sitter?

A: Because a pet sitter comes directly to your home, there is reduced stress on your pets because they are able to remain in the comforts of their home.  There is no transporting back and forth to kennels, they are not exposed to illnesses and/or parasites that are often picked up at kennels, they are fed their own food and kept on their normal routine.

Q: What services do in-home pet sitters provide?

A: The most important service an in-home pet sitter provides is TLC for your pets.  This includes feeding, exercising, administering medication and lots of love.  This can range from a 20-minute potty break to staying overnight with your pets.  Services also include securing your home by altering indoor and outdoor lighting, checking your mail and driveway for papers, watering house plants/flowers and setting out trash/recycling.

Q: Are you insured and bonded?

A: Yes, we are an insured and bonded member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.

Q: What is included in my visit? 

A: The visit will include everything needed to ensure that your pets are healthy, happy and in the comforts of their own home.  For dogs, this may include walks, playtime, fresh water, brushing, feeding, tummy rubs, and lots of love. For cats, we take care of the litter box, playtime, feeding, fresh water, and lots of cuddles. We also administer medications as needed, with pills and drops at no extra charge, and a nominal fee for injections. Complimentary home maintenance is also included which involves bringing in the newspapers, mail, watering plants, altering lights, blinds, etc. If you have a pet other than a dog or cat, just let us know what you need and we will be happy to accommodate.

Q: My pet needs daily medication. Are your sitters able to do that?

A: You bet! Our sitters can administer oral/topical medications.  If your pets require injections and/or sub-Q fluids, please let us know at the time of booking service and we will send the sitter that is best suited for this type of care.

Q: Can I schedule every other day visits for my cat?

A: Our main concern is the safety and well-being of your pet, therefore, we do not offer every other day service.

Q. How many daily visits do I need for my crate-trained dog?

A:  For crate-trained dogs, we require a minimum of 3 visits a day to provide ample mental stimulation, exercise and companionship.

Q: Sometime I need help getting my pets to their vet or grooming appointments. Can you help?

A: Absolutely. We will be happy to drop off/pick up your pet at their groomer or veterinarian’s office. We can also get pet supplies you need when you just don't have the time.

Q: What is your procedure for handling my keys?

A: Your pet sitter will obtain two house keys during the initial “Meet & Greet” when service is confirmed and a service agreement is signed. Your keys are then coded and stored in a secure location, separate from any files or information that would connect the key to your address. In the unlikely event that your keys are lost, it is covered under our business liability insurance and your entire house would be re-keyed at no cost to you.

Q: What if I need last minute service?

A: If you are an existing client, we will be more than happy to provide last minute service when unexpected events/emergencies arise.  By already having your key on file, this makes it possible for us to provide this service.

Q: How do I pay for services?

A: Unless other arrangements have been made, payment is due at the start of service.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, cash or checks. You will receive a confirmation email approximately 2-3 days prior to the start of your service.  You may leave cash or a check at your home, or you can click on the secure link at the bottom of your invoice and submit a credit card payment. 

Q: My work schedule is sporadic. What is your cancellation policy?

A: We require a 12-hour notice for cancellations with the exception of emergencies. We will credit your account if payment has been made in advance.

Q: What if I am unhappy with the sitter that is being provided?

A: If you are not happy, we are not happy.  Please contact us immediately with your concerns and we will resolve any issues you may have.  We are certain that we will find the perfect sitter for your needs.

Thank you so much for your email and for the photo of Ziggy! That makes us so happy! We are beyond delighted that he is finally becoming your friend. Thank you again for letting us know. We are doing well here, but we always miss the kitties.
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